This Bullying Social Experiment Is Incredibly Eye-Opening (VIDEO)

No one is immune from bullying. Whether you are the oppressor, the victim or the witness, you are part of a cycle that needs to end. A new video shows just how much power a bystander has. “By watching an act of bullying with the thought of, ‘I was going to step in if it kept going,’ you may be too late,” says a description for video, created by FouseyTUBE. This video highlights that passive Read More

Obama Announces $100M in Education Grants

President Barack Obama has announced $100 million in grants to help better prepare high school students to compete in the global economy. The White House says the Youth CareerConnect program will help schools train students for in-demand industries, including science, technology, engineering and math. The government will award up to 40 grants to allow high schools to team up with higher education institutions and employers. The grants will be awarded early next year. Money for Read More

Mental Health in High School: Teach Students Link between Thinking Patterns, Emotions & Behavior

Adding a mental health component to school-based health education programs could enhance health behaviors, reduce depression and improve grades. Researchers from The Ohio State University College of Nursing found that a program called COPE: (Creating Opportunities for Personal Empowerment) Healthy Lifestyles TEEN (Thinking, Emotions, Exercise, Nutrition) had a beneficial outcome for several health and behavioral factors. The high school health classes used an intervention that emphasized building cognitive behavioral skills in addition to nutrition and Read More

Pot use presents long-term danger to teens’ brains, study suggests

A new study suggests that smoking marijuana may not be as safe as many teen users seem to think it is. Montreal researchers say they’ve found evidence that pot-smoking interferes with the healthy development of teens’ brains and puts them at risk for developing a dependence to the drug, as well as for mental health problems. Whether marijuana is addictive or a “gateway drug” to harder drug use has long been up for debate. Researchers Read More

Recession led teens to focus more on social problems, environment, psychologists report

During the Great Recession, high school students in the U.S. became more concerned about others and the environment, psychologists at UCLA and San Diego State University report in a new study. The research, published July 11 in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, focused on survey data collected on high school seniors during three time periods: the global recession (2008–10), just before the recession (2004–06) and the earliest period for which data were available Read More

Online Media and Teen Suicide

In the wake of 12-year-old Gabrielle Molina’s suicide late last month, devastated parents and startled communities are seeking answers for how to best protect children and teens from the pressures of cyberbullying and digital harassment. Molina, a repeated victim of aggression from peers at school, also may have dealt with recurrent bullying online. A video of Molina fighting another student worked its way onto YouTube before her death, and Molina made reference to cyberbullying events Read More

Teen Dating Abuse

Abuse knows no rules, no boundaries, and does not take exception with the wealthy or the poor. Abuse doesn’t care if you are the clever one, the beauty, or the hunk down the street. Anyone can find themselves in a potentially abusive relationship. Once in one of these relationships it may place you in a trance and you may find yourself unable to extract yourself. Domestic violence is also known as intimate partner violence. Violence Read More

Anti-bullying site exposes identities of alleged Kate Gosselin cyber bullies to their employers

Kate Gosselin may be a reality star who consciously subjected herself to criticism when she stepped into the spotlight several years ago, but according to one anti-bullying group, what she didn’t sign up for was constant hate-filled threatening cyber attacks. On Monday, Radar Online reported that anti-bullying organization would be publicly revealing the names of several people who have “crossed the line” in demeaning the former “Kate Plus Eight” star, and vowed to contact Read More

Teens Who Sometimes, but Not Always Follow the Herd Fare Better

Being popular isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but new research says it’s a decent indicator of how well teens will form friendships in the future. Many teens who struggle to make friends in high school continue to have problems creating lasting relationships in adulthood. While it’s not always the case, new research from the University of Virginia says a teen’s social habits in high school can predict problems they may face as adults. Read More

How Should I Handle My Teen Trying Marijuana?

My 15-year old son just told me that he tried marijuana a few weeks ago with his buddies. I don’t know if I should punish him or if doing so will only make him become dishonest. He said he didn’t like it, but I’m not sure I believe him. Within the world of parenting teens, the issue you’ve raised is one of the most difficult to address. Despite all the talks we have about the Read More