A Suicide Prevention Solution Hiding in Plain Sight

If you were duck hunting, when do you load your guns… When you see the ducks? Of course not. By the time Homecoming Veterans who need the help the most end up on the doorsteps of their families, for many, it’s already too late. The solution: Help Veterans before they become Veterans. Help them better prepare for homecoming during the critical months prior to separation from military service and during the dangerous months after they Read More

Teen recalls bullying stirred thoughts of suicide

Michael Miller clearly remembers the day he was called a “fat faggot.” It was in 2006, the year he was in seventh grade, and Miller had already gotten a strong taste of bullying from day one of middle school. When enough slurs, exclusions and taunts added up, Miller found himself at the brink of suicide — close enough to consider details that would save his family as much pain as possible, he said. “Sixth and Read More

Empty desks: Suicide’s touch infiltrates school

Stephanie Livingston woke on Dec. 12 to seven text messages from friends asking if she knew what happened to Antonio Franco. Her mind raced as confusion set in. Then she got a text from the mother of a former classmate. In a few short words, Antonio was gone. She didn’t believe it at first. Antonio was one of the smartest kids in class and nice to everyone "no matter what" — he was the last Read More

Online Media and Teen Suicide

In the wake of 12-year-old Gabrielle Molina’s suicide late last month, devastated parents and startled communities are seeking answers for how to best protect children and teens from the pressures of cyberbullying and digital harassment. Molina, a repeated victim of aggression from peers at school, also may have dealt with recurrent bullying online. A video of Molina fighting another student worked its way onto YouTube before her death, and Molina made reference to cyberbullying events Read More

PoV: Opening minds and doors to mental health

Mental wellness crucial in all walks of life When you picture someone battling a mental illness, who do you see? Do you envision an overburdened working mother? A businessman with a successful career? Or a firefighter who can’t shake the erase the images of a deadly blaze from his mind? All of these people of course could be grappling with mental illness, but they’re likely not the first faces who come to mind. If you Read More

TeachME: New CEU Courses

NEW: Nutrition and Physical Activity Tips for Older Adults $4.00 [1.00 CE Hours] This short course provides tips and tools to help people ages 65 and over eat healthy foods and be physically active. Course information was taken from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Weight Control Information Network (WIN), and reminds older adults how positive lifestyle choices will help maintain physical and emotional health. Healthy body weight, nutrition guidelines, physical activity standards, Read More