You Can’t Hit Unsend: How A Social Media Scandal Unfolded At Harvard

Shortly after the 9-11 attacks, a photo made its way around the internet. It showed a man standing on the observation deck of the World Trade Center in New York City. His face is expressionless, unsmiling. He’s wearing a knitted black cap, sunglasses and an unzipped parka. Behind him, there’s a deep blue sky and views of Manhattan and the Hudson river. But there’s something else behind him too — a plane. It’s headed straight Read More

Teach Students To Use Social Media (The Right Way) And The Possibilities Are Endless

CJ Marple wanted to teach his young students how quickly information can spread on the Internet. So earlier this year, the third-grade science teacher wrote up a tweet with the help of his students, asking for other users to retweet the message, or even reply to the message with their location. The Kansas teacher says he expected 1,000 or so retweets, but within days the tweet went viral and gained more than 227,000 retweets and Read More

Social Media Tips for Educators: Building Capacity Among Your Staff

Our second social media tip sheet for educators is now online! Last Monday, we told you the fact that we’ve developed social media tip sheets specifically to help state and local education agencies expand online engagement. Our first tip sheet discussed how to develop innovative engagement in a specific community This week’s tip sheet talks about how to effectively build capacity within a state or local district. Full story of social media tip sheets at

What College Students Need to Do Over Winter Break

Many college students are about to breathe a sigh of relief as the semester comes to an end. But just because classes are over for the time being, doesn’t mean the work is over. While the natural inclination for college students on winter break might be to sleep late, catch up with friends and forget about the stress of school, experts say now is the time to start applying for internships or even jobs for Read More

When Teachers Talk About Their Students on Facebook

If you’re a teacher at any level, or have friends who teach, your Facebook feed is likely peppered with inadvertently amusing quotes from students’ assignments. A kid may have, for example, confused Abraham Lincoln for Mussolini, or identified Marie Curie as a fashion magazine. Maybe another wants an extension because of a crucial upcoming vacation to St. Tropez, or would like to meet with your teacher-friend to ask why an exam only got an A-minus… Read More

Amanda Bynes’ mental hold extended again; former teen star said to be schizophrenic

Amanda Bynes’ doctors have won an 30-day extension of her psychiatric hold and plan to pursue a temporary mental health conservatorship of the former Nickelodeon star,the New York Daily News reports. UPDATE: A judge has approved a temporary conservatorship for Bynes’ mother over the objections of Bynes’ court-appointed lawyer. A source tells the News that Bynes is believed to be suffering from schizophrenia and has not yet responded to medication: “She’s not improving yet. She’s Read More

Online Media and Teen Suicide

In the wake of 12-year-old Gabrielle Molina’s suicide late last month, devastated parents and startled communities are seeking answers for how to best protect children and teens from the pressures of cyberbullying and digital harassment. Molina, a repeated victim of aggression from peers at school, also may have dealt with recurrent bullying online. A video of Molina fighting another student worked its way onto YouTube before her death, and Molina made reference to cyberbullying events Read More

Anti-bullying site exposes identities of alleged Kate Gosselin cyber bullies to their employers

Kate Gosselin may be a reality star who consciously subjected herself to criticism when she stepped into the spotlight several years ago, but according to one anti-bullying group, what she didn’t sign up for was constant hate-filled threatening cyber attacks. On Monday, Radar Online reported that anti-bullying organization would be publicly revealing the names of several people who have “crossed the line” in demeaning the former “Kate Plus Eight” star, and vowed to contact Read More

Social media anxiety: Sites like Facebook, Twitter stressing teens out? (VIDEO)

For most teens, social media is an important part of their daily lives – but for some – sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a source of anxiety. Dr. Manny Alvarez, senior managing health editor of recently sat down with mental health consultant, Stefanie Weiss to talk about how social media is causing anxiety in kids and what parents to can do to help. “I think kids base their self-worth today on how Read More

Social Media Helps Student With Autism Find His Voice

Sometimes a picture can be worth a thousand followers too. That’s what happened to Henry Frost after he posted a photo to Facebook. The photo shows 13-year-old Frost sitting on the steps outside a downtown Tampa building with his service dog Denzel. Not shown are the thousands of Republicans who had gathered nearby for the week-long Republican National Convention. Frost holds a sign. It reads: “The Civil Rights Act of 1964 granted equal rights to Read More