This Bullying Social Experiment Is Incredibly Eye-Opening (VIDEO)

No one is immune from bullying. Whether you are the oppressor, the victim or the witness, you are part of a cycle that needs to end. A new video shows just how much power a bystander has. “By watching an act of bullying with the thought of, ‘I was going to step in if it kept going,’ you may be too late,” says a description for video, created by FouseyTUBE. This video highlights that passive Read More

Psychology’s answer to trolling and online abuse

Do we each harbor a dark passenger? A malevolent psychopath? A fragile narcissist? Contrary to popular belief, decades of psychological research shows that anyone is capable of aggression, cruelty and violence. The “self” is a murky mixture of light and shade. Lately the dark side seems to be winning. On Thursday, Downing Street called for a boycott on the website following the tragic death of Hannah Smith. Meanwhile, the barrage of threats directed at Read More

Recession led teens to focus more on social problems, environment, psychologists report

During the Great Recession, high school students in the U.S. became more concerned about others and the environment, psychologists at UCLA and San Diego State University report in a new study. The research, published July 11 in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, focused on survey data collected on high school seniors during three time periods: the global recession (2008–10), just before the recession (2004–06) and the earliest period for which data were available Read More

Psychologists find that bad night’s sleep worsens relationship conflicts

Relationship problems can keep us awake at night. But new research from UC Berkeley suggests that sleepless nights also can worsen lovers’ fights. UC Berkeley psychologists Amie Gordon and Serena Chen have found that people are much more likely to lash out at their romantic partners over relationship tensions after a bad night’s sleep. "Couples who fight more are less happy and less healthy," said Gordon, a doctoral student in psychology and lead author of Read More

Resilient Youth: Using Psychology to Prevent a Lost Generation

Switching on the news last night, I heard a young graduate telling a reporter, “I’ve done everything that society told me to do, and I’m still not finding employment.” As his words trailed off, the despair in his voice seemed to capture a generation that’s feeling let down and unsure where to turn. Increasingly, recent surveys from NUS and The Prince’s Trust suggest, the blame seems to be turning inwards. There is research showing that Read More

TeachME: New Online Courses

APA Ethical Principles for Psychologists The American Psychological Association’s (APA) Ethical Principals for Psychologist’s and Code of Code of Conduct provides an overview of standards that psychologists adhere to in protecting the welfare of individuals and the integrity of the profession. This brief, intermediate level course discusses general principles, ethical standards, and amendments to the code of conduct. Topics include human relations, privacy and confidentiality, education and training, research and publication, assessment, and therapy. Course Read More