Personality may be key to genetics of bipolar disorder

People with bipolar disorder vary significantly from their unaffected relatives, and from healthy controls, on several measures of personality, a study shows. Furthermore, genetic analysis revealed suggestive linkage peaks for those traits that were heritable, potentially proving useful for the identification of genes underlying susceptibility to bipolar disorder. “The results of our analyses suggest that personality dimensions may have utility in dissecting the genetic architecture of BD [bipolar disorder],” the researchers write in the Journal Read More

People With Borderline Personality Disorder May Misinterpret Facial Emotions

Symptoms of borderline personality disorder often mimic traits of other psychiatric disorders, complicating diagnosis and treatment. But researchers in Canada say they have identified a characteristic that may be unique to borderline personality disorder: a tendency to misinterpret emotions expressed by the face.   “They have difficulty processing facial emotions and will see a negative emotion on a neutral face,” said Anthony Ruocco, a clinical neuropsychologist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto. “This Read More

Personality Traits Differ in Bipolar Subtypes

Personality traits seem to differ between patients with bipolar I and II disorder, according to a new Korean study. The researchers found that patients with bipolar II disorder (BD II) had significantly higher levels of neuroticism and lower levels of extraversion than those with bipolar I disorder (BD I). “Further studies, including longitudinal assessments, are needed to determine how these personality traits are differentially linked with the etiology and clinical expressions of BD I and Read More

Personality disorder revamp ends in ‘horrible waste’

A planned overhaul of the way in which personality disorders are diagnosed will not now appear in the manual dubbed "the bible of psychiatry". The failure to agree a workable system for the next edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, known as DSM-5 is bad news for people with serious personality difficulties, who are frequently misdiagnosed. "It’s a horrible wasted opportunity," says Jonathan Shedler of the University of Read More

Narcissistic personality disorder is not harmless behavior

Often undiagnosed and misunderstood, narcissistic personality disorder is a pathology that needs to be taken seriously. Most of us understand what it means to behave narcissistically. We have a picture in our mind of a young, pretty girl who enjoys looking at herself in the mirror, wearing designer clothes, and having her nails done. The male equivalent also wears nice clothes, workouts religiously at the local gym, and spends more time in front of the Read More

Mitt’s Multiple Personalities

The presidential debates offered us unscripted and revealing glimpses into each candidate’s character. Very different — and often conflicting — Romneys emerged in each debate. Watching Governor Romney’s ever-shifting debate personas, I couldn’t help but think of that bestselling 1950s book and film, The Three Faces of Eve. It’s a true case story of a woman’s struggle with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or multiple personalities. Romney also seems to struggle with his many competing and Read More

Marshall believes he has come long way personally

It’s not the first time we have heard from Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Since his trade in the offseason from the Dolphins, Marshall has been more accessible than most athletes. But after a raucous start to the Bears season that sees them 4-1 heading into a Monday night game against the Lions, the sometimes mercurial Marshall was ready to talk again about his adjustments to Chicago, the Read More