DeVos Calls for ‘Major Shift’ In Higher Education

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on Tuesday called for a “major shift” in higher education – one that prioritizes programs like apprenticeships over four-year college degrees.

“For decades now, we have given the subtle, or not so subtle, message that the only path for a successful life is a four-year degree,” DeVos said at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council conference in Washington.

“There is really no traditional student anymore,” she said, underscoring the small percentage of high school graduates who enroll full time in a four-year college and graduate within four years.

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Education Report: Why do so many kids graduate with poor reading and math skills?

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June 7: We’ve all seen the reports on college-level remediation about the great number of kids who graduate from high school and are admitted to college with low reading comprehension and math skills.

One of my colleagues wants to explore some of the reasons behind this phenomenon. You’d think I would have a clear idea, after covering K-12 education for so long, but I’m afraid to say I don’t.

That’s where you come in — the people who teach kids how to read and solve math problems, who supervise or coach those who do, or parents who watch the system closely.

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