Education Is A Top Issue In Midterms, And Professors Promise To Encourage Voting

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Education is a top issue in the midterms

From the 36 gubernatorial races to some key state congressional races, education will be a major issue on Election Day. We’ve reported previously on how a record number of educators who are themselves running. There were teacher walkouts in six states this year. That issue alone has gotten people mobilized.

There’s something else that’s bringing education to the midterms: Betsy DeVos, the polarizing education secretary.

She has been mentioned in $3 million worth of political TV ads and dozens of Facebook ads, according to a new analysis by Politico. One analyst called her “shorthand” for “a lot of Trump administration bad stuff.”

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Education Secretary DeVos pledges support for magnet schools

WASHINGTON — Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Wednesday pledged support for magnet schools in a bid to repair ties with proponents of public education in the wake of a bruising confirmation battle, but also slammed her critics for rejecting innovation and change.

In one of her first public speeches since taking office last week, DeVos praised magnet schools for showing strong academic results, combating segregation and striving for equity.

“There is amble opportunity to really highlight the tremendous successes of so many magnet schools across the country,” DeVos told a room full of teachers and advocates. “It’s clear that the schools that you represent are doing a tremendous job on behalf of students.”

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People’s March for Education Justice

Besty “Amway” DeVos clearly demonstrated at her confirmation hearings that she is unqualified to be Education Secretary. While her approval by Republicans in the United States Senate is a national embarrassment and an insult to public school families, the bigger issue is the Republican/Trump plan to privatize public education in the United States through outsourcing, vouchers, and tax credits and to eliminate opposition and make private schools the profitable by breaking teacher unions. While all public schools do not functional well, problems are rooted in poverty and discrimination in American society, not schools and teachers. Privatization is a threat to a fundamental American institution that promotes democracy and citizenship while contributing to social mobility.

In response to Trump, Betsy, and the Republican Party’s push to privatize public education, students, teachers, parents, and community members across New York State will march on Saturday March 4 for education justice. Multiple marches are being organized by the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE).

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