900 New York City Classrooms Test Positive for Lead

MORE THAN 900 classrooms in New York City public schools tested positive for lead in recent months, according to data released by the city’s Department of Education. The presence of lead-based paint and visible deterioration was found in 938 classrooms, according to the inspection by the city of more than 5,400 classrooms in nearly 800 schools built before 1985. Officials found deteriorating lead paint in 302 of the schools and deteriorating paint in 2,245 classrooms. The Read More

Study: Hotter Classrooms Make it Harder for Students to Learn

STUDENTS’ ABILITY TO learn is undermined when their classrooms are too hot, new research says, a finding that could help explain persistent gaps in performance between students in poorer regions and countries without consistent access to air conditioning and those in wealthier areas. An analysis published by the National Bureau of Economic Research comparing student test scores with average temperatures suggests that when classrooms get too hot it prevents students from learning as well as they would in Read More

Missing From Education: Time to Think?

In a recent Huff Post entry, “The Teaching Profession: Then and Now,” I described the autonomy I had as a young teacher, back in the ’60s, to experiment with my classes and create my own teaching materials. I loved teaching science because I was passionate about it and wanted to share my enthusiasm with others. My biggest problem was that there wasn’t enough time in the day for me to both teach and create the materials. When Read More