CrossFit Helped Us Face Our Son’s Autism Diagnosis

Annie, my wife, agrees. And if you knew Annie, she doesn’t overstate anything. Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of awesome things happen personally (I taught my daughter how to ride a bike… on Father’s Day!) and professionally (my second book came out), but the last year has been tough. Honestly, we’ve sort of been reeling since Sept. 18, 2012. That’s the day we learned that our son Griffin might be on the Read More

The False ADHD Controversy

More kids are being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) than ever before, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 8.8% of children were diagnosed in 2011, compared with 7.0% in 2007. An uptick was also witnessed in the number of parents choosing to medicate their children with stimulants such as Ritalin. That proportion now sits at two-thirds. ADHD is perhaps childhood’s most common neurobehavioral disorder. It’s characterized by an array of symptoms, including Read More

New Autism Spectrum Australia report shows teens on spectrum struggle at school (VIDEO)

The first ever study to ask high functioning teenage autism sufferers about their own experience with their disability has found less than half the students had good friends. The study found more than half the students needed support for bullying and discrimination and that two thirds felt lonely and needed help managing stress. Three in four said they needed more help understanding teachers in the classroom and managing their homework and concentration. Autism Spectrum Australia Read More

Stem Cell Cure Shines From Darkness

Do I visit my youngest sister in what’s left of the day? Or catch the last part of Sunday afternoon on the New England beach? In terms of preference, it’s never a toss up. Austine is a complete zombie, too disabled to have the most rudimentary conversation. The beach is nice. Yet today I bring joyous news to her for once: A cure is at hand! Thanks to a pair of Texas researchers, reprogrammed stem Read More

A Suicide Prevention Solution Hiding in Plain Sight

If you were duck hunting, when do you load your guns… When you see the ducks? Of course not. By the time Homecoming Veterans who need the help the most end up on the doorsteps of their families, for many, it’s already too late. The solution: Help Veterans before they become Veterans. Help them better prepare for homecoming during the critical months prior to separation from military service and during the dangerous months after they Read More

Pot use presents long-term danger to teens’ brains, study suggests

A new study suggests that smoking marijuana may not be as safe as many teen users seem to think it is. Montreal researchers say they’ve found evidence that pot-smoking interferes with the healthy development of teens’ brains and puts them at risk for developing a dependence to the drug, as well as for mental health problems. Whether marijuana is addictive or a “gateway drug” to harder drug use has long been up for debate. Researchers Read More

Studying movement and learning in autism

Elizabeth Torres, a computational neuroscientist at Rutgers University, thinks many experts are making a mistake when they focus only on what’s malfunctioning in the brains of people with autism. She sees autism as a condition of the whole body in which information from all sorts of sensory channels – movement, touch, pain, vision, temperature – is not reaching the brain properly while messages from the brain that tell the body what to do also are Read More