Parents are more concerned about their children missing social interactions at school and with peers than they are someone in their family getting sick with the coronavirus, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

Fifty-nine percent of the more than 3,600 parents and guardians responding to the nonprofit Learning Heroes’ survey said their children’s lack of in-person connections was currently their top pandemic-related concern, with 57% saying they are worried about COVID-19 affecting a family member. Making sure their children will be prepared for the next grade level and whether closures or changes to school models will negatively impact their children’s education tied for third at 54%.

The results highlight the larger role parents have played in their children’s learning since schools switched to remote instruction, with 67% saying they are more “connected with my child’s day-to-day education now than ever before” and 70% wanting to know what their children have missed and how they can make it up.

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