When Dr. Judy Salerno, who is in her 60s, got word that the New York State health department was looking for retired physicians to volunteer in the coronavirus crisis, she didn’t hesitate.

“As I look to what’s ahead for New York City, where I live, I’m thinking that if I can use my skills in some way that I will be helpful, I will step up,” she says.

Salerno says she doesn’t think of herself as a retiree — she’spresident of The New York Academy of Medicine, which does public health advocacy. But she is essentially retired from clinical practice.

Because of her age, Salerno is among those at higher risk of serious illness if they contract COVID-19. “But I feel that I’m healthy,” she says. “I’m working full time, I have no other risk factors, so I do need to be there if needed — it’s important for me.”

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