Practical Tips for Recovery From an Eating Disorder over the festive season

Recovering From an Eating DisorderThe thought of the Christmas holidays and celebrations are for some people ‘the happiest time of the year". For someone in recovery from an eating disorder, this could be a time of intense stress and anxiety. Where others are thinking of the visits with family and friends around drinks and snacks, Minced Pies, Fruit Cake, and of course the Christmas day meal at a table laden with indulgence of every kind, people in recovery from an eating disorder (ED) are dreading these occasions.

Here are some tips to help you through this joyful festive time:

  • Keep to your recovery program. Make sure your day is structured and that you keep to the recovery disciplines you have put in place.
  • Get up at a reasonable hour every day.
  • Start your day with inspirational reading or meditation.
  • Stick to your required mealplan – meals and snacks.
  • Socialise with family and friends – do not isolate.
  • Attend a 12-step meeting for extra support – do not neglect this privilege. 12 step meetings over the festive season have proved to be very special and intimate. This is a fellowship that never closes for Christmas or holidays.

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