By Gregory Kane

Sexual Harassment In SchoolThis is a tale of a bus and a guy named Bostic.

Bostic’s first name is Jerry. He’s probably a pretty swell guy, I suppose. At least, by his own admission, he is.

He spent 44 years as an educator. And, Bostic said recently, he "really enjoyed" working with the kiddies.

The bus in this story is the figurative one that Bostic got tossed under. Details of the Bostic and the bus story go like this.

Bostic, until very recently, was principal of Brookside Elementary School in Gastonia, N.C. One of the students there was a 9-year-old fourth-grader named Emanyea Lockett.

Little Emanyea must have shown signs that he was on his way to becoming a heterosexual male, and there are elements in America today that would sure like to nip that trend in the bud. Emanyea told one of his fellow students that he thought a certain female teacher was "cute."

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