Eating Disorders Week 2013: Advice and help on how to cope

Eating Disorders HighlightedHaving run the North London Eating Disorders group for the last 11 years there is little I have not seen or heard. From severe emaciation to a wife who feared her husband would find out about her binge eating, I’ve seen most things.

Women come from all walks of life – eating disorders are classless and affect all ages. I’ve seen and supported teachers, nurses, students, graduates and middle aged mums. However we don’t see many men in the group which is not to say they’re not affected.

Men and eating disorders

We know from academic and epidemiology as well as Phoenix referral data that men do experience a lot of distress and are underrepresented in services and in support groups. There is a specialist men’s support organization called ‘Men Get Eating Disorders Too’. Information aimed at men is available from a team of men who have experienced eating disorders.

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