More than 1.2 million high school students in the U.S. took an Advanced Placement course in 2019, an increase of 57% over the past decade. And the number scoring high enough to earn college credit on at least one AP exam has increased 60% over that time, College Board officials announced Thursday.

The number of high schools offering AP courses has also grown, from 17,374 schools in 2009 to 22,678 in 2019. Higher education systems in 31 states also now have a uniform policy for granting course credit to students who pass an AP exam with a 3 or higher, compared to 14 states in 2014.

In essence, the AP program has accomplished something rare in education — to “expand at scale without sacrificing rigor,” David Coleman, CEO of the College Board, said Wednesday during a press call. “This is of immense political and historical significance.”

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