Utah camp shows science, math aren’t just for boys

Math and Science Camp For GirlsThe girls stared at it, trying to decide what it was. A slug? A worm? A leech?

Erika Yellowhair, 13, picked up the slimy, wiggly creature with tweezers, repositioning it under the microscope in hopes of getting a closer look.

"It’s awesome," said the grinning eighth-grader. "I’ve seen worse."

It takes far more than a bug to scare the girls at Westminster College’s Awe+Sum camp aimed at sparking their interest in science, math and technology. Erika is one of more than 60 attending the camp this summer, including one of nine campers from the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.

Camp leaders hope to show the eighth-grade girls — most of whom are from Utah and some of whom are attending the three-day, overnight camp on scholarships — that college is within their reach and that math, science and technology aren’t just for boys.

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