Kids’ Health Roundup: Child Obesity and TV Ads, Parents’ Bad Math, and the Effect of Mom’s Stress on Babies

Child Health OverviewIt was a banner weekend for news about moms and babies as the Pediatric Academic Societies convened in Boston for their annual meeting. Researchers discussed childhood obesity, medication errors and the effect of stress on babies in the womb, among other topics. Here’s a summary of some of the findings:

Could food insecurity increase risk of obesity?
While it’s fairly obvious that obesity is a result of eating too much, a more subtle cause may be the fear of not having enough food, according to researchers at New York University School of Medicine and Bellevue Hospital Center. It’s not unusual for low-income families to suffer from “food insecurity” — worry about whether they have enough food to feed their children. About one-third of 201 low-income, mostly Hispanic mothers with babies younger than six months old reported food insecurity, which in turn can influence portioning and frequency of feedings and can result in mothers pressuring their children to eat even when they’re not hungry.

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