Katy Butler: A new voice against bullying

By Donna St. George

Katy Butler Against BullyingThe growing movement to stop bullying in schools may have found a new hero in Katy Butler.

The self-assured 17-year-old from Michigan, bullied in middle school, was outraged when she learned that a sobering new documentary about the problem would be rated R, keeping those under 17 from seeing it without an adult.

Katy started an online petition in late February to change the rating of “Bully” — and over three weeks, her own world changed, too. More than 300,000 people signed on. She met the producer and director in New York, then leaders of the Motion Picture Association of America in Los Angeles.

This week, Katy’s whirlwind took her to Washington, where she visited lawmakers’ offices Friday.

Wearing blue jeans and undaunted by a relentless spotlight, she did 12 press interviews the day before, retelling her own story of torment as she insisted that students everywhere need to hear the personal stories featured in the film. The film’s R rating comes from a scene on a school bus, when a bullied boy is cursed out.

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