Illiteracy Goes Mainstream

Illiteracy Goes MainstreamIt was somewhat disorienting. An article in my local paper mentioned that a ninth-grade teacher was reading a book aloud to her students. When she tried to stop, they demanded, “No, keep going.”

Why would she read aloud, I wondered. Why would they want her to continue? Surely they can read the book for themselves. Or can they?

In fact, if all the children in a classroom could read for themselves, very few teachers would think to read aloud in the first place. Traditionally, unless a teacher needs to make a point about a particular passage, students read text for themselves. Class time is for analysis and background.

Then I remembered the recent scores published by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). According to this very extensive testing, only one-third of eighth graders are proficient or above in reading. That clearly means that two-thirds of the students entering ninth grade cannot really read, not in a fluent way. They are less than proficient.

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