Doctor, my child and I need more time with you

By Leslie Wade

Doctor Child CareFor new parents, advice from their pediatrician about soothing a crying infant or putting them to sleep is invaluable and often discussed at well-baby check-ups.  But a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics found that a third of the time parents of young children spent 10 minutes less in the exam for a those check-ups and this may be depriving families of important preventive care for their children.

When doctors were asked how much time was needed for a well visit, they said on average about 17 minutes, according to the study.

Why the time crunch? Experts say doctors are being asked to do more in less time and though they would like to provide more care, they can’t make it happen. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has specific guidelines for what pediatricians and families need to discuss during these regularly check-ups, which are not only for newborn, but are also recommended for children all the up to age 21.  While breast feeding, sleep positions, language development, and keeping your child safe are top priorities for parents of infants, pediatricians can also provide guidance and children get older, including how to toilet-train, deal with discipline issues, or how your child gets along with others.

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