Congress Blocks Requirements For Healthier School Meals, JCPS Continues Improving Nutrition

By Devin Katayama

Congress Blocks Requirements on School MealsCongress is considering legislation that would block requirements making school-provided meals healthier beginning next year.

Some members of Congress say cutting starch and reducing sodium would be too costly for schools. Those were part of the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The appropriations bill would also continue allowing pizza sauce to be counted as a vegetable.

But Jefferson County Public Schools has already begun moving toward healthier meals. The district has improved its nutrition services the past few years and district officials say it already complies with some of the recommendations from IOM, said Martha Dysart, JCPS nutrition service center manager.

“Our pizza, the crust is whole grain and we’ve switched to that probably four or five years ago. We’ve never counted the tomato paste as a vegetable; we just count it as a meat and a bread,” said Dysart.

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