Autism advice: When saying nothing is better than saying anything at all

By Jo Ashline

Autism AdviceIt begins the minute you announce you’re going to have a baby; well-meaning friends and family bombard you with advice, claiming to have the best to offer in everything from heartburn cures to breastfeeding techniques. Your mother-in-law insists you don’t lift anything heavier than 6 oz and your sister, who’s had 3 natural births in the last three years rallies against the evils of the epidural. It’s a free for all at your expense and even though you don’t technically have morning sickness, you find yourself pretty nauseous anytime someone opens their mouth to bestow yet another tidbit of

Of course, what you don’t realize then is that this was just the beginning, because once the baby arrives, the advice multiplies and you can barely approach your child without someone getting in the way to tell you how to do it “better.”

For the most part, parents are able to if not embrace this constant barrage of opinions and suggestions, at least accept it as a part of the parenting journey. While there’s no doubt that unsolicited advice about how to raise your child is nothing short of annoying, it’s also inevitable that folks tend to stick their noses where they don’t belong where children are concerned.

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