A vision for public education

By David Johnson

Public Schools (1)When I hear pundits – from both political parties these days – talk about improving education for children through choice, vouchers or whatever the sound bite of the day is, I wonder which children they are talking about. Out of 55.2 million K-12 students in America, 49.2 million of them are in our public schools. Only a small percentage of children go to private or parochial schools. So where’s the vision for our public schools? What are they looking at?

With numbers like that, we should be focusing the bulk of our time and energy to making education what we want it to be for the vast majority of our children. We need to have a more global vision for ensuring that our public schools are managed and equipped for students today and tomorrow. Instead of engaging in productive dialogue about public education, the discourse today is often destructive and filled with misinformation and inaccurate data.

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