A Solution to Bullying: Where Do We Draw the Line?

A Solution To BullyingBullying in on the minds of many and is a serious concern with lasting impact. We generally think of it as a psychological issue, but now it seems it has become a physical one, as well.

In an attempt to address this troublesome trend, the nonprofit organization Little Baby Face Foundation has gotten involved. Its mission is to provide free surgical repair to young children born with facial deformities (many of whom would otherwise be unable to afford these cosmetic procedures), giving them the "baby face" they deserve. Although it may have good intentions, what does it say when a charity like this offers its services to young teens seeking to avoid bullying? It seems to me that it fosters its own troublesome trend.

According to CNN reporter Sanjay Gupta, a young girl named Nadia Ilsa was called "Dumbo" for years growing up and was tired of being made fun of by her peers. She had what she described in her own words as "elephant ears" and, since the age of 10, had begged her mother for an operation to pin them back.

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