A Christian Parent in Support of the CA FAIR Education Act

By Bruce Reyes-Chow

FAIR Education ActFor those of you familiar with the California’s FAIR Education Act (SB48), it is the latest target for many Christian groups who believe that homosexuality is a sin. Motivations are far more complex than that but for me to try and capture what my brothers and sisters in Christ on that side of the aisle believe would be unfair. Suffice it to say, they are none too happy about this recently signed into law legislation and there is a well organized effort underway to place a referendum on the ballot that would repeal the law.

In a nutshell . . .

The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act would amend the Education Code to include social sciences instruction on the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. This bill would also prohibit discriminatory instruction and discriminatory materials from being adopted by the State Board of Education.

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